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I know I know, it has been a really long time since we have posted on the Ghost of Banquo blog – but a lot has been happening. Here is an update:

Vincent has been accepted into graduate school to chase after his other theatrical passion: acting! He will attend West Virginia University’s three year MFA acting program beginning in August 2012.

While costume and styleseeking still remains a valued interest in his life, it is currently on hold while he pursues his Master’s degree. He recently stopped in Des Moines, IA to have new headshots taken by actor/photographer Ben Easter.

You can follow Vincent’s adventures as a professional actor at www.VincentPelligrino.com.





Erica recently graduated from The Paul Mitchell School and is a state board certified cosmetologist. With 5 years of practical experience in theatrical makeup, hair and wig design, she is ready to hit the ground running.

Presently she is working as an independent contractor in Milwaukee, WI with The Florentine Opera, Optimist Theatre Company and Wisconsin Lutheran College. She is available for hire for hair cuts and color by appointment, weddings, special events and of course theatrical/film design jobs. Contact her at Erica.Ortenblad@yahoo.com!Recently, Erica was spotted at a Milwaukee business event promoting Ghost of Banquo. Here she is in BizTimes Magazine.



Stay tuned to Ghost of Banquo as more updates happen! We intend to maintain our website as a way to archive our designs and inspirations. Thank you to all of our faithful fans who have been with us since the start!


The Jungle Book – presented by The Crown Uptown Dinner Theatre in Wichita, Kansas.

April-May 2012.

Directed by Regan McLellan

Costumes by Vincent Pelligrino

+click any photo to enlarge+


Maya the Village Girl: Natalie Swanner

Maya wears a colorful robe with matching head scarf, and white sandals as she gathers water in the jungle.

Image Image

Mowgli the man-cub: Joe Boover

Mowgli wears a scrappy outfit made of red shorts and a red top, accompanied by a brown studded sash and red headband.

Akela the Wolf: Vincent Pelligrino

Akela is the leader of the wolf pack, and his long black fur vest is flanked with a leather chest piece, feathers and war paint, giving him Native American flair.

Bagherra the Panther: Allison Nock

Bagherra is a regal black panther in a mock leather jacket, yet graceful in black tights and a ballet skirt.

Baloo the Bear: Ryan Naimy

Baloo is Mowgli’s teacher. His big blue spotted bear belly is flanked by a blue flannel, pinstripe overalls, a khaki fishing hat with matching fur hat band, and white tennies.

Kaa the Rock Python: Lauren French

“You spoil ’em, I coil ’em.” Kaa the python is a charmer, indeed! She wears a dark green romper, that is underdressed with a snake print dickie that holds in the actor’s arms. A matching hat gives her snake charmer flair!


Marty and Percy Vulture: Vincent Pelligrino and Lauren French

These married couple is about as country as they come. Percy wears a red flannel with a two tone leather vest and cowboy hat; while Marty wears a blue and white gingham frock with a white floral bonnet. Black feathered masks complete the vulture look.

Shere Khan the Tiger: Jason Whitemore

The villianous Shere Khan the Tiger raps about eating Mowgli and uses an afro pic as a weapon in the production, therefore he is dressed in such a manor. An orange polyester leisure shirt, trimmed with tiger print, black leather vest, black shades and black gloves give this mean tiger a cool look.

The Monkies: Natalie Swanner, Vincent Pelligrino, Lauren French

These silly monkies are “the greatest and grandest in the land!”. Monkey masks are paired with black pants, glvoes and shirts and topped with matching red vests.

What a fun production to work on! The costumes for this show were assembled utilizing the resources in the existing costume shop. No money was spent on this project.


Episode 16 of Ghost of Banquo TV takes you to Wiconsin Lutheran College, backstage to the makeup room as three actors prepare for their roles in “Marvin’s Room”.

Hair and Makeup by Erica Ortenblad.
Wardrobe by Vincent Pelligrino

Music: Take 5 – Lifescapes CD

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Archived: GOBBeauty#3

A Featurette from your Beauty Editor: Taylor Swift Fever

All about those big beautiful curls (and how to get them!)

by Erica

What does every girl seem to want this season?

Dazzling Curls.

Every day I see women (between 17 and 30 years old) come into my school and ask for some type of permanent wave or spiral perm.  In this day and age it’s quite strange that they’d ask for such a thing. Most people are aware of the fact that if a person decides to wave that permanent color and lighteners are pretty much 0ff-limits if the client wishes to preserve the integrity of their hair. So why on earth would they give up color for curl?? Once we dig a little deeper into their motivation for the sacrifice we’re able to get our answer….  The client will take out a picture of Taylor Swift and then we realize: we’re being asked to produce luscious beachy-but-defined curls just like the ones this country star rocks…

only one problem….

It is a common misconception that a perm will achieve this look!  Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.  No perm will be able to recreate this type of style because this look is created with a curling iron.  Perms are meant to be washed, scrunched, and sprayed….But curling irons usually seem stressful and time consuming. So what’s a girl to do?! Now, I know what you’re probably thinking – there’s no way I’m getting up an hour earlier just to curl my hair!  So below I have provided the easy steps to achieving a gorgeous ‘do l like Taylor’s in 15 minutes or less (depending on how long your hair is).

First – Start out with dry hair. I recommend clean if you desire a more “perfect” look and shine. If it doesn’t matter, slept in hair will work just fine.  Next: spray on a product that is going to react with the heat. I recommend Hot Off the Press by Paul Mitchell.  (See product details below).  Brush all your hair down flat.  I always start at the top of the head because that’s what everyone will see first – so you want it to be more detailed. Take your curling iron and point it toward the floor.
Take a small or medium sized section of hair at the hairline and wrap it around the barrel with your fingers *do not open up the clamp!* you are wrapping around it’s exterior.  Pull it tight. Let the curl fall down.  (You’re going to be working in a horseshoe shape around the top of the head) Then take the next section and wrap it the opposite way around the iron- still keeping the iron pointed downward.  Keep alternating directions with the hair twisting until you have gone around the whole perimeter of the top. Take big sections, small sections – the size of the section will determine the size of the curl and variety key to achieving this style! After the top is finished, then start taking sections from underneath. No need to be perfect and only wrap what is exposed.  You’ll start to see the creation unfold and I think you’ll be quite happy with this look! Seal it with a hairspray for a style that will last all day.  I recommend Super Clean Spray by Paul Mitchell.  (see product details below)

I style my hair like this about twice a week and I have very long hair. When I use this technique with these products I am actually able to get two days of wear out of it!  I just touch up the top the next morning and re-spray everything. It’s super easy, fun, and most importantly: not permanent! Hope this helps, and happy curling!!

Product Recommendations & Products of the Week!

May 5, 2011

Hot Off the Press by Paul Mitchell

Sometimes when you’re using a flat iron or curling iron, you just want to yell “STAY!” at your hair.  Now you don’t have to.  This is one amazing tool from Paul Mitchell’s Express Style collection. Think thermal protection meets hair spray.  It protects by building a barrier between the fragile hair cuticle and the vicious heat of an iron, and acts as a hair spray by giving the hair “memory” until you wash it.  Curl it, straighten it, round brush it with a dryer…It’s all up to you!

6oz  Mist Spray


Super Clean Spray by Paul Mitchell

Nothing is worse than a stiff, sticky hairspray.  That’s why Super Clean Spray is one of my favorite finishing products.  It provides a great seal to any style but adds fullness, texture, and still allows you to run your fingers through it.  Oh, it also has conditioning agents and helps protect against sun damage. What more could you want from a hairspray?!

10 oz Mist spray


When Marvin’s Room opened in 1992, the New York Times called it, “One of the funniest plays of the year, as well as one of the wisest and most moving.” The play revolves around Bessie, who has spent most of her life as the caretaker of her ailing father and elderly aunt. When she learns she has leukemia, her only hope for a bone marrow transplant is to contact her estranged sister and nephews. Although dealing with serious subject matter, McPherson has injected the play with quirky and endearing humor, giving us a portrait of “life as it is, how it could be and how one might bridge the distance without sentimentalizing the truth.” Winner of the Outer Critic’s Circle Award, The Drama Desk Award and the John Gassner Award for Best New American Play.

November 2011.
Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Hair and Makeup: Erica Ortenblad
Wardrobe: Vincent Pelligrino

*click on any image to enlarge*

The play takes place in Florida in about 1990. I wanted to go for bright and clean colors. For the character of Bessie, to match her bright attitude despite adversity, I chose a lot of pastels and florals. Here, she is seen returning from her errands to find Aunt Ruth asleep in a chair. Aunt Ruth mimics her color palette in a blue seersucker suit and green sweater.

 Aunt Ruth mimics her color palette in a blue seersucker suit and green sweater.

Meanwhile in Ohio, Bessie’s sister Lee goes to visit her son Hank. She’s the complete opposite of Bessie. Instead of florals, she opts for a leopard print, a faux suede jacket with gold studs and black leggings.

Here is the Psychiatrist that has been working with Hank. She’s demure and conservative in earth tones.

  Here is Hank, having just worked on an auto engine. His coveralls are loaded with grease, and his Chuck Taylor shoes are blackened by a significant amount of wear and tear.

Back in Orlando, Bessie’s lukemia has progressed and she is in the hospital. Still donning cool and collective pastels in her hospital gown and head scarf. Ruth arrives to deliver a speech about life and death wearing a black and floral shirt and sweater combo and blue pants.

Shortly after, Lee and her sons Hank and Charlie arrive to Florida be tested as bone marrow donors for Bessie. Charlie being the “studious” one, dresses conservatively in jeans, a t-shirt and glasses. His Chuck Taylors are clean and white. Hank dresses for his attitude wearing ripped cut-off camoflauge pants and and cut off jean vest with a bandana around his neck.

In the same manner, Lee dresses for the Florida heat in a loudly printed off the shoulder top, a light flowing skirt and a belt to anchor the look.

In keeping with her Floridian charm, Bessie dons Floral printed coolats and a bright soft tee. She also wears cream color Keds and bobby socks.

The boys meet Aunt Ruth, who is wearing her navy blue pants, a floral top and her repeat green sweater. The belt around her waist is for her pain relieving device that has wires directly into her brain.

A few nights later, Bessie and Hank bond over an old photograph. Bessie comes out to the porch in her Robe which covers up a blue and yellow night gown. Hank wears his repeat camo pants, and a brown and grey henley.


Act two begins with Lee and Bessie visiting a retirement home to check out their care options for Aunt Ruth. Bessie keeps to her color palate in Easter Egg blue and yellow, while Lee wears a dark floral crop top.

Lee looks stunning in this sheer top.

The retirement director keeps it simple in this white blazer and black skirt; a string of shells add Floridian flare.

Later that night, Lee and Bessie share some fond memories at the table.

The sisters again show their difference in their choice of nightgowns.

Lee wears a leopard print satin robe.

Bessie wears a floral housecoat.

Lee offers to style Bessie’s wig for her, her balding head is revealed.

Ruth is frightened out of her sleep and we get to see her housecoat and matching slippers; almost identical to the style of Bessie’s but in a purple shade.

Hank taunts Charlie in his sleep; Hank is sleeping in his shorts and a tank top. Charlie wears a white t-shirt and boxer shorts as pajamas.

The family goes to Walt Disney World; pictured here with the costumed character Donkey.

Everyone flaunts their individual style in the Disney scene. Ruth wears a colorful short set and Mickey ears; Charlie wears a Mickey shirt, his regular shorts and a Donald Duck hat. Lee wears a light blue sheer top, Hank in a red skull detail T-shirt. Bessie is revitalized in her newly styled wig, pink pedal pusher pants and a beige top.

Aunt Ruth studies a park map. This outfit is actually my Grandmothers, and she often paired it with this bag.

Bessie passes out and finds blood in her mouth.

Lee comforts Bessie who has been resting in the “Lost Children’s Hut”.

The two share a tender moment.

Archived: GOBtv #15

Episode 15 takes you to the Milwaukee Art Museum for the annual “Run Up To The Runway” fashion show, featuring several local designers. Here is a quick glimpse at the night which is hosted in the beautiful Milwaukee Art Museum.

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Eyes As Candles – Passion Pit
Cue The Pulse To Begin – The Burnside Project

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Bug in a Rug Children’s Theatre at Sunset Playhouse Presents: “The Jar of Wisdom”.

In this Sunset Playhouse original musical, a groundhog, bunny, chicken, and some funny sheep come together to help each other learn a little about themselves. They learn that being happy, having friends, and trusting in yourself are the greatest bits of wisdom. Jar of Wisdom was written by long-time Sunset volunteer and supporter, Scott Kopischke.

October 24-November 19, 2011.

Costume Design: Vincent Pelligrino

Groundhog arrives on the scene:

The Groundhog

And meets the “Great English Black Rabbit”

And meets Miss Chicken Little!

Then we meet some sheep:

And all is happy in the end!

Archived: GOBtv #14

Episode 14 takes you to Milwaukee for a night out, asking friends about their personal style, and also talking about Stola Guillotine Designs and a beauty tip!

Straight to Number One – Touch and Go
Feels So Close – Calvin Harris
American Boy – Estelle and Kanye

More GOBtv is headed your way!We are booking up several projects, so keep watching for more episodes to come.

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Archived: GOBtv #13

The most recent episode of Ghost of Banquo TV (#13) takes you to Las Vegas, NV as we do an impromtu photoshoot near Caesar’s Palace on the Las Vegas Strip.

More GOBtv is headed your way!We are booking up several projects, so keep watching for more episodes to come.

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Ghost of Banquo TV takes you to north shore Chicago for “Girls Night Out” at Lori’s Shoes in Northfield, Illinois.

The girls dish on what’s hot for this season.

For locations and to buy online, visit http://www.lorisshoes.com!